SkipTheDishes restaurant
Photo from SkipTheDishes

If the year-end statistics from Canadian meal delivery service SkipTheDishes are any indicator, Victorians ate well in 2019. 

The Winnipeg-based app recently released information regarding the ordering habits of people in the city over the course of the year, and the results are both mouth- and eye-watering . 

Starting January 1st, Victorians placed more than 17,000 orders of butter chicken through SkipTheDishes, making it our city’s most popular food. In second place was McDonald’s Junior Chicken Burger, with nearly 13,000 orders, and third was the Spicy Peanut Noodle Box. 

We don’t have exact data regarding how many calories that is, but it’s safe to assume it’s a fair few. 

According to the app, Victoria’s three most popular hometown restaurants were Royal Spice, The Mantra Restaurant, and Chiba Sushi. 

But no one supported restaurants in the city more than the unnamed citizen who placed 603 orders this year. 

603 orders is a rate of nearly two a day, and it still doesn’t come close to the most prolific Canadian user of SkipTheDishes, who ordered 764 meals through the app in 2019. 

The highest SkipTheDishes order in Victoria this year was a $689 sushi order, which is a whole lot of avocado rolls. The highest order in Canada was nearly six times more expensive, though, and belonged to a GTA resident who spent $4,004 dollars on beef soyas. 

Canada’s three most popular dishes were butter chicken, poutine, and dynamite rolls, though questions about whether Varsha’s Butter Chicken Poutine counts for one or both of those categories are still unanswered. 

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re ready to order some dinner. 

Editor’s Note: If you or somebody you know has information on the Victoria resident who ordered 603 SkipTheDishes meals, please reach out to us at We have a lot of questions.