77 shelters available at Our Place and elsewhere in Victoria
(Image / Google Maps)

There are 472 shelter spots available this evening in Victoria, 77 more than usual. 

The additional beds are in use due to extreme weather conditions, as per the city’s Extreme Weather Protocol.

According to Environment Canada, a strong Pacific storm is making its way to Vancouver Island and is expected to reach land by early Thursday afternoon and continue into Friday.

Precipitation will begin over Vancouver Island and will spread to the south coast early on Thursday afternoon, Environment Canada announced on Wednesday, January 1st. Strong southeasterly winds will also develop this afternoon.

Initial temperatures will be cold enough to allow some of the precipitation to start as wet snow over Vancouver Island and higher elevations of the south coast.

The heavy rain and strong winds will continue all day on Friday.

In order to protect the city’s most vulnerable from the worsening conditions, the 77 extra shelter spots will be available tonight at a variety of locations across the south island. 

Visit www.vewp.net for a full list of information regarding shelters. Below is a list of which shelters are providing more beds than usual tonight.