Electricity bills are going up!
(He Gong / Unsplash)

British Columbia is being hit hard by cold weather and snow all around the province, and the proof is in the hydro bill. 

BC Hydro announced on Tuesday that the company has set a new record for the highest peak hourly demand for electricity. That peak was reached on January 13th when consumption reached 10,302 megawatts. 

The previous record was set at 10,194 megawatts on January 3rd, 2017. 

BC Hydro expects this record to be broken soon, as more cold weather is expected across B.C. 

Environment Canada has issued weather warnings for 35 regions of the province, informing residents about snowfall, extreme cold, and arctic outflows.

Screenshot via Environment Canada.

In Greater Victoria, a total of 10 to 15 cm of snow is expected to fall by the morning of January 15th. The snow is expected to ease up on Wednesday morning. 

An Extreme Weather Advisory Protocol is in effect in Victoria, with extra shelters and beds available for those who need them.

BC Hydro says the most electricity is used when customers return home from work, turning up the heat, switching on lights, and cooking and cleaning. 

The company recommends avoiding cranking up the thermostat, as it doesn’t heat up a home faster than just increasing it by one or two degrees. 

They also suggest draft-proofing around windows and doors in order to maximise the heat that stays in the house.