Victoria getting hit with the white stuff (Colin Smith Takes Pics)

With all the snow and wind and weather advisories today, we wouldn’t blame law enforcement agents from wanting a little break.

That’s why when an amusing, albeit grammatically incorrect, post showed up on Twitter appearing to be authored by Nanaimo RCMP and calling for criminals to take a break from crime due to a snow day, the internet appreciated the humour.

“Please avoid committing crime while we are dealing with the snow today. It’s really cold outside and we’d really prefer it if you’d do something nice for a change, like – I dunno… build a snowman or something?” reads the post.

Here’s the full post

Nanaimo RCMP fake tweet

The tweet was shared by individuals as well as Abbottsford Police and Squamish RCMP who appeared to share those sentiments.

As it turns out, the original post was made by Facebook satire group, Nanaimo Beacon, on Tuesday and has since been shared over 2,300 times.

The fake #weatheralert became so widespread that Nanaimo RCMP had to clarify on Twitter that it was not issued by them.

“The recent post alluding to it being a snow day and to refrain from criminal activity was not created or posted by the Nanaimo RCMP,” reads the tweet.

“An online satirical outfit has claimed responsibility. We have contacted them concerning our displeasure, and we apologize for any confusion.”

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