(Photo by Rachel Byrne/Twitter)

We get it – it doesn’t snow that often here in sunny rainy Victoria.

And over the past 24 hours, the capital city has been shrouded in a blanket of white, making transportation difficult for drivers unaccustomed to winter weather.

As the white stuff keeps falling from the skies and diminishing road visibility, it’s important to remember to do your part in taking all the necessary safety precautions while taking to the streets.

That’s why various authorities are reminding drivers in BC to clear their vehicle windows of snow and ice while driving.

Failure to do so may earn you a $109 ticket and three penalty points under Section 195 (1) (b) of the Motor Vehicle Act, ‘Drive While View Obstructed’.

Aside from the obviously necessary precaution of clearing windows, people are also reminded to remove all snow from their vehicles entirely before embarking on their journey lest a block of frozen snow slide off towards an unsuspecting car behind them.

With 15 cm of snow expected in Victoria by Wednesday morning, this reminder is more necessary than ever.