(King Tide and wind storm along Dallas Road/Photo by Arlene Bethune)

One man learned about the dangers of storm watching up close after needing to be rescued from the waters off of Dallas Road over the weekend.

On Sunday, just after 3:30 p.m., VicPD, firefighters, paramedics, and passersby came together to save a man who had jumped into the ocean in the 300-block of Dallas Road.

Once he was out of stormy waters, the man told police that he was trying to capture video footage of the waves along Dallas Road and had leapt into the water.

As he was not injured in the incident, he declined further medical attention after being assessed by paramedics.

With King Tides in full swing, waves were breaking over Dallas Road at the time of the incident.

After carrying out the rescue, authorities underlined the gravity and risks posed to both himself and others by jumping into the ocean during a storm.

No charges have been laid in this incident.