The BC Ministry of Children and Family Development has announced an investment in creating 74 new child care spaces in Sidney.

This initiative will be funded through Childcare BC’s New Spaces Fund and operated by Lulu’s Kids Corporation, incorporating four programming spaces, four quiet areas, and 307 square metres (or 3,300 square feet) of outdoor space.

The area will also include a vegetable garden and an open-air concept to allow kids to connect with the natural world.

“Early childhood education is such an important period of time, and the provision of progressive, inclusive, and for-childhood programming to support our youth and families adds so much to the future of our communities,” said Mary Sutherland, centre director.

“Lulu’s main drive is to do just that, and to have the support of the New Spaces Fund means we are able to make that vision a reality.”

The facility will include 24 new infant/toddler spaces and 50 spots for children aged three to school age, in a fully accessible building with support staff for children with special needs.

According to the province, over 10,400 new child care spaces have been funded through the Childcare BC New Spaces Fund since it first launched in July 2018.