$5 bill in Canada
(KMR Photography / Flickr)

The Bank of Canada is seeking public input to determine who they should make the face of a new $5 bill. 

Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz announced the vote during a speech made in Vancouver. Currently, Sir Wilfried Laurier, the seventh prime minister of Canada, is on the $5 bill.

Poloz also said that more about the process will be announced by the end of month, but it will likely be similar to the one that gave Canada its new $10 bill.

That bill features Nova Scotian civil rights activist Viola Desmond, and has been recognized across the world for its unique vertical design. 

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Canada Reacts

There were plenty of opinions made on social media about who should be on the new bill. 

Victoria radio host Gregor Craigie received over 2,000 likes when he suggested Canadian legend Terry Fox. 

Others suggested popular entertainment figures like Ryan Reynolds and Dan Levy, among others. 




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