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Together Victoria slate announces nomination for 2020 municipal byelection


Together Victoria, a political slate that endorsed councillor Sarah Potts, Sharmarke Dubow, and former councillor Laurel Collins, has announced their nomination for the 2020 municipal byelection.

Candidate Stefanie Hardman has won the backing of the civic group after a vote in which hundreds of members showed up at First Metropolitan United Church to cast their ballots on Sunday.


Hardman was one of eight hopefuls seeking the support of the progressive slate whose mission statement is to create “an affordable, inclusive, and thriving Victoria”.

The candidate has a Master’s degree in Urban Planning and Policy, and a Graduate Diploma in Environmental/Sustainability Education from York University.

She works as a Research Manager at the Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria and is the Director of Prevention, Research, and Policy at the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness.

“My efforts of the past two decades have been dedicated to strengthening communities, with a focus on policy for social and environmental justice,” writes Hardman in her candidate bio.

“I want to bring this honed expertise into government, in service of creating a more affordable, inclusive, and thriving Victoria for all.”

See also: City staff recommend holding 2020 Victoria byelection on March 14

Last month, City of Victoria staff recommended that the byelection to replace councillor Laurel Collins be held on March 14th.

Besides the candidates who were seeking the endorsement of Together Victoria, another contender running for the vacant seat is UVic Environmental Studies professor Jeremy Caradonna.

The 2020 Victoria byelection was triggered after councillor Laurel Collins won her NDP campaign to represent the city in Ottawa as an MP in the federal elections last year.

Brishti Basu
Former Senior Staff Writer and Content Manager at Victoria Buzz.

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