Two kidnapping and robbery crimes are not believed to be connected: VicPD
(Victoria Police Department)

Victoria Police say concern has been lessened regarding two similar incidents that took place on December 29th.

The two events — a kidnapping attempt and a robbery — were once believed to be connected, but police now say that is not the case. 

Originally, Victoria Police were looking for a single suspect potentially responsible. Now, they are distinguishing between the two. 

The second incident, which was once investigated as an attempted kidnapping, is no longer being treated as such. 

“While investigated initially as an attempted kidnapping file, developments within that investigation have lead investigators to believe the suspect may be suffering from mental health and/or substance abuse concerns which lead to his actions,” the statement reads. 

In a release, police also noted they are aware of posts made on social media identifying potential suspects. They warned the public that posting speculative photos may do more harm than good.

“While well-intentioned, posting images of individuals who resemble suspect descriptions endangers investigations and, more importantly, puts potentially innocent people at risk of harm,” Victoria Police say. 

A photo of a man standing in a downtown RBC branch was circulated on social media in Victoria today, and on Twitter, Victoria Police responded to one such post with a similar warning. 

“Certainly understand the well-meaning intent behind the photo/story sharing,” they tweeted, “but these need to be shared with investigators.”

The investigation into the two incidents are ongoing.