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When a Fort Street business owner lost her beloved dog back in 2017, many Victorians felt the grief like it was their own.

Many people remember Cody for his loving attitude and welcoming doggie smile, as they walked past or visited a small family shop on Fort Street near Cook Street.

That’s why Charmaine – the owner of antique furniture store Charmaine’s Past and Present Home Collections – decided to honour Cody’s memory by hosting an annual pet food drive with all proceeds going towards the Boneless Project.

This year, they’re asking for donations of “pet food, pet beds, pet coats, money, and just about anything pet-related”.

According to SAFARS Feral Cat Rehabilitation Centre, the organization behind the Boneless Project, the last two years have seen dwindling numbers of donations at food collection bins in pet stores – a phenomenon attributed to the increasing amount of wildfires in recent years – which makes drives like Charmaine’s all the more necessary.

Everyone loved Cody

After 14 years of greeting people at his human’s store, Cody had become a beloved member of the downtown Victoria community.

He spent his life dutifully giving licks and receiving pats from Victorians who visited Charmaine’s furniture and housewares store on Fort Street.

He was truly a loyal business-dog, and his death came as a blow to everyone who had ever met him.

From now until Saturday February 29th, head over to Charmaine’s at 1083 Fort St to drop off your winter coats and warm sweaters, leashes, kibble, and canned food for dogs or cats.

Donations will benefit pet owners in two emergency shelters, two transition homes, and over 30 low income, elderly, and disabled families – because every pet deserves a loving home, and the chance to go to sleep with a full belly each night.


Cody looks out through the store door, onto the sidewalk where he had been greeting customers for 13 years. Photo ItkasanImages


Pet Food Drive in Memory of Cody

  • When: From now until Saturday, Febraury 29th, regular business hours
    (Monday-Saturday: 10 AM – 5:30 PM
    Sunday & Holidays: 11 AM – 4 PM)
  • Where: Charmaine’s Past & Present Home Collections, 1083 Fort Street


With files from Brishti Basu