Love is in the air in Victoria! Photo ItkasanImages

This probably isn’t what you want to hear on Valentine’s Day…then again, it could provide incentive to heat things up a little!

An analysis published by ranks British Columbia third to last in Canada when it comes to romance.

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The research took into account the number of times words like “Valentine’s Day”, “love confession”, “flowers”, and “love” were searched on Google in each province, while conducting their survey.

“During the period before Valentine’s Day, the frequency of searching these queries increases in whole Canada,” reads their report.

“However, in some places, the interest in making a pleasant surprise to the significant other increases more, and in some — notably less.”

The top three spots were taken by Nunavut, Ontario, and Manitoba while British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Quebec closed out the list.


According to the website, the research was based on a comparison of the increase in popularity of various keywords during the period of January-February 2019 according to Google archived data (through Keyword Planner tool).

This revelation comes just a week after Victoria lost its ranking as the Most Romantic City in Canada after taking that cake seven years in a row.

To quoth the Black Eyed Peas: Where’s the love, y’all?

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