Saturday, May 18, 2024

Comox Valley RCMP call for old cell phone donations to victims of domestic abuse


An RCMP detachment on Vancouver Island is launching an initiative to make communication easier and more readily accessible for victims of domestic abuse.

The Comox Valley RCMP Special Victims Unit is requesting the public to donate old cell phones to the detachment, which will then be distributed to victims of domestic violence in the region.

“For victims of domestic violence, the need to have access to a telephone or mobile device is essential,” reads a statement from RCMP.

“During a violent encounter, a person may be frantically looking for a device to call emergency personnel to either de-escalate the situation or provide assistance.”

The detachment goes on to point out that a timely 911 call could help victims of domestic abuse to escape the immediate threat of violence or get access to medical care, before “picking up the pieces in the morning”.

Those who have an old phone to donate are asked to ensure the following:

  • The phone uses a SIM card only (older phones cannot be used on modern networks)
  • The phone does not have a cracked screen
  • The phone has a battery
  • Apple devices must be signed out of the Apple ID and passcode turned off
  • Android devices must be signed out of Google play or any other account that links the owner to the phone
  • Please include a charger if possible.

The devices can be dropped off at the Comox Valley RCMP Detachment located at 800 Ryan Road in Courtenay.

Brishti Basu
Former Senior Staff Writer and Content Manager at Victoria Buzz.

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