BC Legislature
(File photo)

Members of B.C. Forestry Alliance will be hosting a rally on the steps of the Legislature ahead of the budget speech this afternoon.

Hundreds of forestry workers and their families will be delivering a petition to the provincial government in an effort to raise awareness about the importance of forestry in communities across the province.

A convoy of around 40 trucks is expected to arrive in Victoria from across Vancouver Island this afternoon, and the rally will take place until around 3:30 p.m.

“There is a need to defend the working land base that is being dissolved at an alarming and unsustainable rate. Without the availability of the harvestable land base the stability that is enjoyed throughout the province and the way of life of the BC communities will be lost,” writes BC Forestry Alliance representatives in a social media post.

“This rally is also a reminder of what Forestry has provided and should continue to provide for BC, especially in our rural communities.”

In response, Victoria Police issued an advisory warning of traffic disruptions in the area surrounding the Legislature.

“Officers are anticipating traffic disruptions throughout Victoria during a rally and planned protests today,” said VicPD in a statement.

Police also said there may be a separate protest rally in the area.