"One of the best things about brunch? Come on! It's the ultimate hangover cure!" - Tania manager of Spoons Diner. Photo Victoria Buzz/ItkasanImages

UPDATE: According to the diner, the girls in the picture reached out to the restaurant and apologized for their mistake. They have paid their bill in full and added a gratuity for their server.

The customer told the manager that the incident was an honest mistake. The photos have been removed.


One Victoria restaurant is using the power of social media to shame a trio of dine and dash-ers who racked up a $100 breakfast bill on Tuesday.

Three women had breakfast at Spoons Diner located at 2915 Douglas Street on Tuesday morning and left at around 1:18 p.m. without paying their bill.

According to General Manager Matt Trahan, the trio ordered a total of eight mimosas alongside food items with various modifications.

“A hundred dollar bill for three people for breakfast is pretty high; much higher than the average,” Trahan said in a phone call with Victoria Buzz.

Leaving room for the possibility that the individuals may have simply forgotten to pay their bill, Trahan shared surveillance photos of the three women on social media, encouraging them to contact the eatery and rectify their mistake.

Trahan says that he has not yet filed a police report about the incident, as he believes police may not be able to help unless he is able to positively identify the suspects.

Since sharing the surveillance photos on social media, several people have reached out to the diner on Facebook with accounts of individuals they believe to be depicted in the images, but no one has yet been identified.

“People don’t usually pull these antics with us because a lot of our customers are locals and they don’t want to do that to a local businesses,” says Trahan.

“Obviously not everybody is as ethical but it is very infrequent that we have dine and dashes, especially of this amount. This is very brazen, to order eight mimosas and then walk out of the place with their heads held high.”

The loss of this amount is a cost that the restaurant has to swallow, as Trahan confirms that servers and staff will not be penalized or held responsible for the incident.

“The more dine and dashes we have, the less money we have to pay higher wages to kitchen staff.”

When asked about what he would say to the women who decided to dine and dash, Trahan laughs and says he would remind them that most businesses have some sort of security surveillance technology which they can use to share suspects’ photos on the internet.

“A little bit of online shaming can go a long way.”

Anyone who recognizes the women or has information about this incident can contact Spoons Diner at (250) 382-5111 or reach out to the business on their Facebook page.