It’s easy to feel lonely and disconnected from your loved ones as everyone adjusts to the self isolation way of life. 

But physical distancing doesn’t have to mean pure isolation. Here are some activities you can do via video to maintain normalcy and stay in touch with the rest of the world.

Netflix watch party

Netflix is most people’s go-to when it comes to this new socially isolated lifestyle. It’s also one of the easiest things to do with someone else. 

Set up a little watch party and stay connected while binging The Office for the fifth time.

Working out

It’s easy to feel cooped up and lethargic when the only times you leave your house are for groceries and medication. 

Shake off some of the sluggishness by doing yoga, lifting weights, or following a circuit training video or app. This article contains a list of local businesses offering free online workouts. 

Having a friend to stay active with is key when it comes to motivation, especially if you’re used to going to a rec centre or having a gym buddy. Set up a new schedule and work out together via video.

Video and board games

Co-op video games are nothing new, and the Discord app makes it easy to connect to your friends while gaming. But if you’re more analog than digital, there are still options! 

Play a board game with a friend or group that owns the game too, and match your board/cards/pieces to theirs as you go.

Dinner and drinks

We all miss conversations over coffee, happy hours, and dinners out with friends. Creating community over food is something we should never give up. 

Do what works for you, whether it be chatting over Skype while experimenting with a new recipe or FaceTiming while eating Kraft Dinner right out of the pot.

Collaborative creativity

Follow a drawing tutorial together. Paint your nails together. Knit a pair of socks together and unite the pair when all of this is over. 

Create new things and discover new hobbies, or just pick up the old ones you never seemed to have time for before. Show off your skills, or lack thereof! And stay connected the whole time.

Book club

Use your extra time around the house to curl up with that book you’ve been meaning to read. Then talk about it with your friends over tea and cookies (or wine and cheese, whatever’s your style). 

And no need to go out to a bookstore or library when ebooks, audiobooks, Amazon, and local businesses offering book delivery are readily available.

Dungeons & Dragons (or other roleplaying games)

Use your time to learn a new game that’s all about community and collaboration. Luckily, most of this game takes place orally and in your imagination, making it the perfect fit for long-distance play. 

Check out great sites like Roll 20 that are specifically tailored for online roleplay.

As we all hunker down and wait for the pandemic storm to pass, it’s more important than ever to make sure we’re there for each other. 

What are some innovative ways you’re staying connected in the midst of the pandemic?