(Photo by Neil Dickie)

Whether you call it the Crow Moon, Worm Moon, Lenten Moon, or Purnima, there’s no ignoring last night’s spectacular lunar event.

Skywatchers across Canada last night were treated to the first supermoon of the season, and it will remain looking bright and full until Wednesday morning.

“The term “Supermoon” was coined by the astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979 and refers to either a new or full Moon that occurs when the Moon is within 90% of perigee, its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit,” says NASA.

“For 2020, the four full Moons from February to May meet this 90% threshold, with the full Moons in March and April nearly tied. The full Moon next month will be slightly closer to the Earth (about 0.1%) than this March full Moon.”

Those who may have missed it last night will still have the opportunity to check out the stunning sight tonight.

For now, take a look at these photos of last night’s supermoon over Victoria:



(Photo by Darren Steabner)


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