(Spectrum Community School/Photo by Isaac Cool - Google)

UPDATE: An update from the school district at 11:20 a.m. states that all students have been dismissed from classes and police are on site assessing the threat.

Students have been evacuated from the building and will be released to go home. Those who cannot make their own way home will be supervised at next door Marigold Elementary until a parent or guardian can come and pick them up.

School buses will operate as usual, but parents wishing to pick up their kids before the buses’ afternoon dropoff can sign their child out at Marigold Elementary.

Earlier: Staff and students at Spectrum Community School are being evacuated this morning.

In a statement issued at 10:43 a.m. Tuesday morning, the Greater Victoria School District announced that everyone is being evacuated from the school building located at 957 Burnside Rd W.

This measure is being undertaken due to a potential threat that remains unspecified.

The nature of the threat is unclear at this time, but Saanich Police have issued a statement saying they are investigating the situation and have asked the public to steer clear of the area.

“We are asking that people stay clear of the area so that we can assess and manage the situation. We are in the early stages and are working to confirm the veracity of the report,” said D/Sgt. Damien Kowalewich.

More to come.

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