A local hotel for cats is offering free board for felines whose owners have been hospitalized during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

In a social media update last week, Victoria Cat Hotel offered to host people’s cats for free if they were hospitalized, as long as the owner provides food for their pet, and ensured that the animal was vaccinated or vet approved.

This boutique hotel for cats is designed to provide feline companions with a home away from home and features four to eight separate suites for each cat or cat family.

Accommodation normally costs between $15 to $20 per day per cat, but for now this fee will be waived for any cat whose owner is in the hospital.

Each kitty suite comes with feline friendly furnishing that can be re-arranged to meet a cat’s specific needs.

The Victoria Cat Hotel also takes care of special needs or requests like arranging extra privacy for nervous kitties, low incline ramps and lots of sleeping space for geriatric cats, administering medications on schedule, and providing lots of extra toys and climbing spaces for very active cats.

There is also a play room where each cat gets to spend some time per day, which features a high window perch, moving toys, tunnels and more.

For owners who wish to check up on their kitties, the service also offers a Kitty Cam which shows you what your cat is up to!

Victoria Cat Hotel can be contacted at (250) 889-6568 or by email at info@victoriacathotel.ca.

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