Pink Supermoon April 7, 2020 (Natalie C @nat_venture / Instagram)

If you were one of the lucky Victorians to cast your gaze skyward last night, you were in for a treat.

April’s famed supermoon lit up skies across the Island on Tuesday, made all the much brighter and more spectacular because of the crystal-clear conditions we were gifted with.

This particular moon is dubbed the ‘pink moon’, in reference to pink wildflowers that sprout across the globe during this time of year – though it’s not actually pink itself, and has more of a golden hue.

Actually the third supermoon of this year, experts say this one was the largest we may see in 2020 due to its close proximity to the earth last night.

Professionals, budding photographers, and supermoon fans took to social media to share their snaps of the stunning sight, and we’ve compiled our favourites here:

(Photo by Thomas Zeran/Submitted)


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