Victoria Police have arrested three alleged bike thieves, seized stolen bikes, and shut down a bicycle “chop-shop” after planting a bait bike in response to the recent rise of property crimes in the region.

A bait bike was deployed in the Topaz Park area on April 16th and was stolen a short time later according to VicPD, who says property crime, including bike thefts, has increased as of late.

VicPD said this specific bike led officers to the Beacon Hill Park area, where they found a bicycle “chop-shop” in operation. After this discovery, police arrested the alleged bike thief and seized numerous stolen bikes.

Bait bikes are typically equipped with tracking, identification, and other technologies that allow police to map their movement, which was the case with this particular theft.

After investigating further, officers were able to locate and arrest two more suspected bike thieves and recover even more stolen property.

VicPD’s Strike Force is continuing to investigate property offences as part of their efforts to reduce rising property crimes, such as bike theft, and additional bait bikes are currently deployed.

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