(Love is Blind / Netflix)

Talk about being ahead of the curve on physical distancing!

Netflix’s hit series ‘Love is Blind’ has been renewed for a second season, and they’re now looking for new contestants.

And if you happen to currently be single and ready to mingle – from a distance, of course – you’re in luck, because the casting call extends to Canadians as well.

If you’re one of the few who has not yet watched the show, the premise is dating series that begins with blind dates during which contestants speak to each other from separate (isolated) pods.

Within a month, the show works its way to marriage proposals, without contestants ever getting the chance to see the other person in the flesh.

Love is Blind’s first season premiered on February 13th and gained popularity in a big way, sparking lots of chatter and an influx of memes across social media.

If you’re looking to flex your new found physical distancing skills, applying to this show might be for you.

To apply, all you need is a few of photos of yourself along with 30-60 minutes of availability to answer some questions – casting applications are available online here.

Who knows – you could be the next Barnett.. or Jessica?

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