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An 18-year-old in the West Shore won’t go down in history as a criminal mastermind, at least judging by the reason why he’s currently under investigation.

On April 28th, the “self-proclaimed drug dealer” surprised police after he called them to advise he had been robbed near the bus loop at the Juan De Fuca Recreation Centre in Colwood.

“Investigators answered the call and learned that the complainant was actually a suspected drug dealer who was allegedly selling Xanax pills at the time of the robbery,”  said Cst. Nancy Saggar of the West Shore RCMP.

He told West Shore RCMP officers that he was bear sprayed then jumped by two men who stole pills and an undisclosed amount of cash.

Police located the suspects — aged 15 and 19 — a short time after they used the stolen money to purchase liquor. Both youths arrested without incident.

The Xanax pills, liquor and bear spray were seized.

An investigation into all three individuals is ongoing.