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RCMP ramp up efforts targeting spike in property crime in West Shore


Residents in and around the West Shore region may notice an increased police presence in coming days and weeks.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, West Shore RCMP said they have increased the number of officers patrolling the western communities after seeing a large spike in property crime last month.

The number of property crime incidents seen in March 2020 are being compared to last year’s numbers for the same month.

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RCMP say crimes include stolen vehicles, shoplifting, fraud, and reports of break and enter into businesses.

“We recognize that these are unprecedented times and many first responders including us, have made some changes to our service delivery,” said Inspector Todd Preston, Officer in Charge of West Shore RCMP.

“We continue to remain in contact with our municipal leaders who have all been very understanding of the added pressures in policing the West Shore. To that end, we are looking to increase the overall number of police officers that serve the West Shore in order to address the needs of the community. Thus far, West Shore community leaders have shown nothing but support for this,” he added.

Increases in property crime reports:

  • Stolen vehicles went up from 6 to 16 (167% increase);
  • Shoplifting went up from 26 to 37 (42% increase);
  • Break and enter into businesses went up from 3 to 7 (75% increase);
  • Fraud went up from 22 to 29 (32% increase).

While RCMP continue to patrol the community, they’re also encouraging residents to help them by keeping a watchful eye out on your property and your neighbourhood.

“We continue to encourage the public to report suspicious activity right away, if you see something say something and call the police.”

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