(Shoppers Drug Mart/Facebook)

Shoppers Drug Mart has implemented a free mental health program for community members struggling with stress and anxiety during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Canadian retail company is offering the virtual stress management program – accessible from any electronic device – in partnership with SilverCloud Health, and is covering all associated costs.

According to a statement from the company, this program offers a blend of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), positive psychology and mindfulness consisting of eight modules that focus on resilience and cognitive restructuring to help recognize and change negative thinking patterns and behaviours.

Shoppers Drug Mart says the supports are adaptive and personalize therapeutic delivery to each individual who uses it.

Each module contains text, video and audio clips as well as interactive and engaging activities designed to help challenge and change unhelpful behaviours.

“With health and financial concerns, isolation and anxiety rising, this program is designed to treat stress with modern approaches,” says Jeff Leger, president of Shoppers Drug Mart.

“Hopefully, it brings people peace of mind, and possibly giving them and the health care system some relief at a time when both are burdened.”

The mental health program is available nationwide by visiting the Shoppers Drug Mart website and will be free to Canadians until June 15th.

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