(MS Roxanne Wood 19 Wing Imaging 2017, DND-MDN Canada)

The Canadian Armed Forces’ famed Snowbirds aerobatics team will embark on a cross-country flyover tour starting this weekend, in an effort to boost morale across the nation.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the tour during his daily press conference on Wednesday, saying Canadians will see the Snowbirds begin their flyovers in Nova Scotia this weekend and work their way west throughout next week.

The flyovers look to salute everyone working to flatten the curve amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and hope to dazzle the skies and inspire Canadians to continue.

“As we watch the Snowbirds fly over our homes, let’s remember we are all in this together,” said Trudeau during his announcement.

The Canadian Forces Snowbirds paused operations on March 20th to preserve the team’s health, and the members have been at home physically distancing since then.

They will embark on two days of training ahead of the planned flyovers.

“Every year, the Canadian Forces Snowbirds travel the country putting smiles on the faces of Canadians,” said Lieutenant-General Al Meinzinger, Commander Royal Canadian Air Force.

“While Canadians may not be able to gather at air shows for now, we’re honoured to bring the Snowbirds team to Canadians and to pay special tribute to them.”

In a sattement, the CAF urged Canadians to watch the flyovers from the safety of their homes, and to continue to practice physical distancing by not travelling to see the shows.

The team will release anticipated locations, routes, and times on their social media platforms each day prior to the flyovers.

Flyovers will occur at an elevation no lower than 500 feet above all obstacles.