A 4-year-old boy who was found wandering the streets of Victoria Wednesday morning has been reunited with his family.

According to Victoria police, the child was found in the 800-block of Hillside Avenue at approximately 9:00 a.m walking alone.

The person who spotted the boy wrapped him in a sweater to ensure that he was warm, and waited with him until VicPD officers arrived.

The officers spoke with the boy and determined that he has special needs. The child was able to navigate officers back to his home, and to his family.

After speaking with the family, officers learned the boy had snuck out a window while the rest of his family was asleep. They also determined that a missing wooden dowel was required to secure the window that the boy had snuck out of.

The officers further discovered that the boy’s family had not been able to visit the hardware store for the missing dowel due to COVID-19 concerns.

To help out the boy’s family and calm their concerns, the attending VicPD officers then proceeded to measure the window, visit the hardware store and purchase a replacement dowel and padlock, before returning to the residence and securing the window themselves.

Officers have deemed the boy’s outing a result of an unfortunate series of events, and say that no one was at fault.