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Behind the scenes of Dr. Bonnie Henry’s daily COVID-19 briefings for B.C. (PHOTOS)


By now, nearly every British Columbian is familiar with the cool voice and collected demeanour of a certain doctor who tells us to “be kind, be calm, and be safe” every day of this pandemic.

The provincial health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, alongside Health Minister Adrian Dix, has led B.C.’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic from the get go.

Five to six days a week, they address the province, answer questions, and guide residents through a tough recovery process that has led to a flattened transmission curve, and a plateaued death rate.

Dr. Henry’s contribution and tireless ongoing work to slow down this virus has been recognized by people forming fan clubs across the province, an Order of Canada nomination, and a pair of Fluevog shoes designed in her honour.

In a special behind-the-scenes photoshoot, Victoria Buzz photographer Colin Smith captures the work that goes behind her daily briefings, and her calm, collected manner as she presents the data to thousands of people who wait to hear about how we’re doing everyday.

According to legislature staff, Dr. Henry and Minister Dix spend 90 minutes before each briefing analyzing the data they’re given, and countless more before several complex technical briefings that have been provided thus far.

They spend their days in a nearly deserted Legislature where only a handful of staff work on site amid the ongoing pandemic.

And, as confirmed by a member of the Legislature communications team, Dr. Henry does indeed work seven days a week.

“She was very, very kind and funny in my interaction with her,” said Smith.

Take a look:

(Dr. Bonnie Henry with Ministry of Health staff member)

Nearly empty press theatre that Dr. Henry addresses daily as most reporters call in over the phone

Her love of Fluevog shoes prompted John Fluevog to design a pair in her honour (Note: the pair pictured are not the ones he made in her name)


Brishti Basu
Former Senior Staff Writer and Content Manager at Victoria Buzz.

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