(Black bear/Photo by Saanich Police)

Saanich Police have issued an advisory warning people to bear-proof their properties as hibernation season comes to an end.

On Tuesday, May 5 at around 1:45 p.m., Saanich Pound Inspectors attended the 200-block of Goward Road, in the Prospect Lake area, after a resident spotted a black bear on the property.

The animal was attempting to get into the garbage left on the property, but the resident was able to yell at the bear and chase it off.

As hibernation season comes to an end, bear sightings will become more common as the wild animals wander in search of food.

“One way to help prevent encounters with bears is to properly secure your garbage, whether it be on your property or curbside waiting for collection,” reads the statement from Saanich Police.

Authorities advise using a garbage can with a locked lid, or storing trash inside a closed structure like a garage or shed, as preventive measures.

BC Conservation Service has been notified of the bear’s presence in the area.