Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced on Monday that the federal government intends to move forward in talks with the provinces and territories on offering all Canadians 10 days of guaranteed paid sick leave a year, as the population continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

This would be to ensure that every worker in Canada is able to stay at home when they’re sick without fear of financial repercussions.

The announcement follows the Prime Minister’s talks with NDP leader Jagmeet Singh on the proposed motion on the subject, and the commitment to paid sick leave for all Canadians.

The proposal was brought forth on Monday morning, shortly before a small number of members of Parliament returned to the House of Commons to begin debate over the future of parliamentary sittings for as long as several months.

“To come out of this crisis, our country needs workers… more than ever,” Trudeau said during his daily address on Monday.

“Nobody should have to choose between taking a day off work due to illness, or being able to pay their bills.”

“That’s why the government will continue discussions with the provinces, without delay, on ensuring that as we enter the recovery phase of the pandemic, every worker in Canada who needs it has access to ten days of paid sick leave a year,” he added.

The government is also exploring other mechanisms for longer terms supports for workers who need more days of sick leave.

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