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A Canadian Air Force Snowbird plane has crashed in Kamloops during a Canada-wide tour on Sunday, as confirmed by the Kamloops Airport in a tweet.

Update: One dead in Canadian Forces Snowbird crash in Kamloops

The plane was bound for Comox, and left Kamloops Airport around 11:30 a.m along with another plane on Sunday morning.

Video shows the jet rise, then circle, before it crashed in the area of Glenview Drive in Kamloops.

Photos and videos on social media show flames and a large amount of black smoke in the area, as well as a pilot being ejected from the plane moments before it crashed.

There are reports that two elderly people who were inside of a home in the area of the crash at the time were able to escape, before the house caught on fire.

“This is a developing situation. Our number one priority at this time is determining the status of our personnel, the community and supporting emergency personnel,” the Royal Canadian Air Force said in a statement.

The Canadian Armed Forces’ Snowbirds aerobatics team embarked on a cross-country flyover tour which started last weekend in Nova Scotia, in an effort to boost morale across the nation.

The flyovers looked to salute everyone working to flatten the curve amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and were scheduled to fly over Vancouver Island today.

More to come.

…UPDATE…🙏🏼😢🙏🏼 confirmed reports that there were two people in the plane…one deceased, and one injured 🙏🏼😢🙏🏼!!!…see news report below:”The two residents of the home escaped without injury.Witnesses saw at least one pilot eject before the plane crashed. He landed on the roof of a house on nearby Schreiner Street and was rescued by Kamloops Fire Rescue.A witness told KTW a second person, a female, appeared to have succumbed to her injuries.Dana Hings is a retired nurse from New Westminster who is visiting her daughter in Brock.“We were in the garden and we heard a large crash,” Hings told KTW, noting they heard calls for medical help.Hings and her daughter rushed to the backyard of the home and found a person who appeared to be deceased.“I saw a deceased female with catastrophic injuries,” Hings said. “It looked like she hit a tree. It’s insane. It’s not supposed to happen. This [the Snowbirds tour] is supposed to be a good thing and she died.”The Royal Canadian Air Force released a statement at 12:54 p.m. on Sunday: “The RCAF has been made aware that a Canadian Forces Snowbirds aircraft crashed in the vicinity of Kamloops, B.C. Our priority at this time is determining the status of our personnel and supporting emergency personnel. When appropriate, more information will be made available."Cory Pelton was on Aviation Way, watching the planes, when he saw the crash and drove to the house the plane hit.“You could smell raw fuel everywhere. I ran into the backyard and, just as I jumped over the back fence, I saw the elderly couple coming out. I asked if there was anyone else in there or any pets and they said no, that’s it.”Source link: plane crashed..both fuel tanks exploded…very tragic…very sad…I was at home and heard them take off and then heard two very loud explosions and new instantly that it was a plane…ran out to the patio and my son was there and saw it happen…there were two large plumes of smoke…(my son took a photo I’ll share here)…I ran to my car and went to try to help…I was worried the pilot might still be in the plane and that people may need help if it hit a house etc…I was there trying to help as were many others with fire extinguishers and hoses…then I heard the pilot wasn’t in the plane and people were out of the house, and so I moved back because the fumes from the fuel were very strong there was concern of possible more explosions, and the power lines down and the first responders and fire fighters arrived…so then started to film the video…

Posted by Jason Kyle Arnold on Sunday, May 17, 2020

Snow bird crashing into house in Kamloops pilot ejected late , the elderly couple who’s house the plane hit got out…

Posted by Cory Pelton on Sunday, May 17, 2020


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