(Central Saanich)

A Central Saanich road remains closed today, as crews continue to investigate a large sinkhole that opened up on Tuesday.

Multiple residents of Central Saanich called into emergency lines Tuesday afternoon and reported that the section of road, located in the 7100-block of Veyaness Road south of Stellys Cross Road, crumbled into itself.

According to police, public works crews noticed a small collapse on the road Tuesday morning and were able to fix it.

At around 1:30 p.m. that day, the road crumbled further and dropped roughly two metres — the entire hole now measures around 1.5 metres wide.

“It’s a big hole in the road,” said Sgt. Greg Johnston of the Central Saanich Police.

“It’s the size of a small car.”

(Central Saanich Police)
(Central Saanich Police)

As of Wednesday morning, geotechnical engineers and public work crews continue to assess the sinkhole, and its cause still remains unknown.

Workers say that for now, steel plates will be placed over the hole until damage assessments are complete and repairs can begin.

Veyaness Road between Cunnanes Lane and Stelly’s Cross Road is currently closed, with only local access allowed.