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7 ways workspace fitness can benefit your mental and physical well-being


We hear you – finding the time to work a full time job AND work out isn’t the easiest task.

But one local startup could have a solution for you, and it means you can do both.. at the same time!

Victoria-based Ergonomyx has developed a line of workspace fitness devices that aren’t just good for your physical health and well-being, but good for your mental health, too.

From sit-and-stand desks to more unique creations like a literal under-the-desk bike, they’ve got everything you need to get your fitness on while also meeting those work deadlines – the perfect mix!

Here are 7 ways workspace fitness can give you both the physical and mental boost we all need:

1. Smart Sit-and-Stand Desks add to your quality of work

This allows you to work at a higher function all day long. Standing yields up to 10% more productivity with higher energy levels, improved concentration, fewer headaches and overall health improvement.

2. They can optimize hours and days spent behind the desk

Research shows that exercising while using Ergonomyx’s Workspace Fitness Solution improves users’ health, energy level, and productivity. In addition, the benefits of exercising at work include weight loss and extending workers lifespans.

3. An exercise bike is just a seat away

The Smart Under-the-Desk Bike allows users to pedal while sitting at their desks and monitor their physical activity while working throughout the day.

4. There’s an app for that

Ergonomyx also offers a mobile app that connects to their workstations and can track your workouts, set goals, and even compete against friends (and coworkers!)

5. Your work station adjusts to you and your needs

The Smart Sit-and-Stand Desk is an ergonomically designed workstation that automatically adjusts to a user’s optimal height, via a smooth surface touch-sensitive control panel.

6. You’ll feel more energetic and healthier

Ergonomyx’s unique fitness solutions help achieve higher performance, better health, greater optimism, and stronger motivation. The also helps burn more calories, while their use is considered a low impact activity.

7. You’re supporting local

Ergonomyx launched their Kickstarter campaign on June 15th, and even better, they’re offering up to $190 off smart standing desks.

On top of this, Victoria residents who back the campaign will get free and faster delivery on all products!

Even better than that, right now, if you refer a friend to their Kickstarter, you can get 10% cashback.

Ergonomyx is a technology startup headquartered in Victoria, specializing in the licensing and development of workspace fitness devices.

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