Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced on Friday that Canadians with disabilities will be sent a one-time tax-free payment of up to $600, in efforts to lessen financial strain due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The newly announced financial aid will go to all who are currently eligible for the Disability Tax Credit, as of June 1st.

Canadians who hold a valid certificate for the Disability Tax Credit will receive the one-time payment of $600, and those with a valid Disability Tax Credit certificate and who are eligible for the Old Age Security (OAS) pension will receive $300.

Those who are eligible for both of these programs, and are also eligible for the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) will receive $100.

Recipients of these new one-time payments will not need to apply.

Those who are under 18 and qualify for the special payment will have it sent to their primary caregiver, and in cases of shared custody, each parent will receive $300.

After various aids for students, seniors, and other targeted demographics, this is the first of its kind for Canadians with disabilities.

The Prime Minister also announced during his daily address on Friday that the federal government is offering an additional $14 billion to the provincial and territorial governments to help restart economies amid COVID-19.

This money would help cover protective equipment for health workers, support for strapped municipalities, paid sick leave, and other help for schools and seniors.

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