(Costco Canada)

They say, “never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach”; well, now you might have to.

Costco stores in Canada have implemented a whole host of changes since the onset of COVID-19, but they have recently announced one more that’s here to stay: the provision of food samples will not be resumed.

This is one of the latest safety measures put forth by Costco, including enhanced physical distancing measures, stricter return policies and more recently, a request that all shoppers visiting their stores wear non-medical face masks.

Much to the dismay of many of the chain’s frequent shoppers, the end to food sampling is the most recent step taken in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

Despite Costco in the U.S. announcing they would be reinstating food sampling practice mid-June, Canadian Costco shoppers will not be privy to such luxuries for the time being.

Costco’s free food samples started being pulled from Canadian stores at the beginning of March, as COVID-19 case numbers began to rise.

Though food samples are no more, food courts in Canadian Costco stores will still offer services to shoppers.

According to the chain, a limited menu is now available at Costco Food Courts, and orders are only available for takeout, with no dine-in seating at this time.


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