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Mount Washington launches Vancouver Island’s longest zip line this Saturday


Mount Washington Alpine Resort announced on Tuesday that it will be opening for summer operations on Saturday June 27 , and launching Vancouver Island’s longest zip line.

The addition of the zip line opens up a new way to experience Mt. Washington year-round, and is sure to be a highlight for thrill seekers and outdoor adventure lovers.

The resort’s new Eagle’s Flight ZipTour spans a total length of 2,313 metres (7,589 ft) and descends over 415 metres (1,364 vertical ft), with riders reaching a speed of 100 kilometres per hour almost instantly when they step off the top platform.

“The ZipTour makes it possible for everyone to experience the beauty and thrill of Mt. Washington, whether you are a skier or not,” said Dean Prentice, General Manager at Mt. Washington Alpine Resort. 

“We’re excited that the addition of the ZipTour and the further expansion of our lift-accessed mountain bike trails allows us to offer experiences of a true year-round destination.”

The new ZipTour attraction is a $4 million, four-stage course that begins with a chairlift ride to the top of Mt. Washington and finishes back at the resort’s Alpine Lodge. 

Guests on the ZipTour can control their speed of descent on the zipline dynamically, which allows the option to open the throttle for thrills, or to ease back and take in the spectacular 360-degree alpine-to-ocean views.

Designed as a shared experience, the tour runs two parallel zip lines providing the opportunity for friends and family to interact while soaring through the air together.  

The tour starts with training sessions at the practice zip line, followed by a chairlift ride to the top of the mountain and short scenic walks between each of the four-stages. 

The final side-by-side aerial flight leads back to the base for a dramatic entrance onto the roof of the Alpine Lodge above surrounding activities. 

Once the Eagle’s Flight ZipTour opens for business, it will surpass the resort’s Hawk Excursion zipline that launched last year and currently holds the mantle for the longest zipline on the island.While the Hawk Excursion tour will not be running this summer, thrill seekers can book the Eagle’s Flight ZipTour on the Mt. Washington Alpine Resort Website.

Tickets cost up to $129 per person.

Vancouver Island’s Longest Zip Line 

  • When: Opens for Summer Operations June 27 
  • Location: Mt. Washington Alpine Resort – Eagle’s Flight ZipTour
  • How to reserve: Online at the Mt. Washington Alpine Resort Website
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Tim Ford
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