(Photo by Clickhead)

Victoria has joined several other municipalities in the region in announcing a reopening of playgrounds and other recreation facilities this week.

In a statement released today, the City of Victoria stated that playgrounds, spray parks, lacrosse box, basketball courts and outdoor fitness areas will reopen for public use on Friday, June 12.

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“Recreation and play are essential elements of community health and well-being,” said Mayor Lisa Helps in a statement.

“For many children and families, shooting some hoops or getting back to your favourite swings and monkey bars will feel like a significant milestone in the recovery process.”

Signs will be posted encouraging frequent hand washing and asking people to refrain from using these facilities when sick.

Reopening playgrounds and all outdoor recreation facilities falls under Level 2 of the city’s reopening plan, level 1 of which constituted the reopening of tennis and pickleball courts, skate and bike parks, and sports fields.

However the Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre will remain closed and is not expected to open until January 2021.