(Mo:Lé Restaurant on Pandora Ave/Google)

A popular brunch restaurant chain with two locations in Greater Victoria has shut down for good.

In a heartfelt video shared on Facebook, Josh Miller, the owner of Mo:Lé Restaurant, announced that both the Pandora Ave and Millstream Rd branches of the eatery have permanently closed their doors.

“This is not an easy decision to make but it was the right one,” said Miller.

“The people we’ve got to work with, the customers we’ve been able to serve—it’s truly been the most amazing time of my life,” he added with a heavy sigh.

Without diving into specific details about the reason behind this decision, Miller talks about how his passion for the business has been waning over the last couple of years, and how the restaurant industry is a difficult one even at the best of times.

“I think a lot of us get stuck and we think that this is all that we can do but that’s not the truth. My staff are incredible people and they can do anything.”

Mo:Lé Restaurant first opened their doors almost exactly 16 years ago, in June 2004. Since then, both branches have been serving up vegan-friendly all day breakfast and lunch meals everyday, along with brunches on the weekend.

“We look back at everything that’s happened and all we can think about is all the great times. So I really appreciate all the support and love,” adds Miller.

“Please don’t be sad for me or my staff. I know everybody’s gonna land on their feet. I know I am.”

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