(Photo by Stacey Mitchell/Facebook)

Residents in Parksville say they have been finding poisoned wieners in their neighbourhood, and they suspect a dog hater is to blame.

A post in the Parksville Pet Connection Facebook Group by Stacey Mitchell says that “a number of pets in the Temple Store / Dogwood St neighbourhood have been poisoned via hot dog wieners embedded with pills. This seems to be aimed at dogs, but cats have been sick too.”

Mitchell included three photos of wieners stuffed with pills she says she and other pet owners have discovered on or near their property.

She goes on to say that her dog was among the pets who ate the poisoned wieners, and when the canine’s stomach was pumped at the vet, they found a full wiener had already been ingested.

Two other users in the comments on Mitchell’s post also stated their pets had been poisoned by the hot dogs.

Eric Zentner said his dog was poisoned on Craig St “about 10 days ago,” and displayed symptoms of vomiting and not eating or drinking.

Sandra Bruckshaw said that her shih tzu became ill despite only ever being loose in her yard on Roscow St. She added that her next door neighbour’s dog was sick, and another neighbour found a laced hot dog in her backyard.

(Photo by Stacey Mitchell/Facebook)

Bruckshaw said that RCMP came to her house on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Oceanside RCMP confirmed in a press release that they are investigating these reports.

Police say they are also aware of another incident two weeks earlier where a dog on Wisteria St was taken to the vet after eating meat left in the owner’s yard.

Oceanside RCMP say they have canvassed the area and found that at least two other dogs had been ill in recent weeks.

Police say the dogs have all recovered.

Oceanside RCMP say they are working with BC SPCA to investigate these incidents and are asking that anyone with information contact police at (250) 248-6111.