It’s no secret, we’re all experiencing unprecedented times right now due to COVID-19.

One area that’s been especially hard-hit is local charities and non-profits; without the option of in-person galas and fundraising opportunities, these vital organizations are going without much of the funding they rely on.

The good news? You can still help.

Victoria Buzz has partnered with Brink Events and Circle Communications to launch a new campaign dubbed GalaBoard, in hopes to bring recognition and support to those who need it most right now.

GalaBoard was created with the many organizations that have been forced to cancel, postpone, or go virtual with their fundraising galas and events in mind.

Most of these non-profits and charities are reporting a heavy loss in fundraising income, which is exactly why this campaign was formed; GalaBoard aims to connect organizations with their donors and supporters in a quick, easy and supportive way.

GalaBoard will run over the next couple of weeks, with a host of different local charities under its umbrella – all in need of your help during these trying times.

Thankfully, donating is just as easy as the click of a button.

Their visual board easily illustrates each organization’s outstanding needs, and promotes community awareness of who exactly is in need of a little extra love these days.

It will also highlight which fundraising events have been cancelled, and how much they were looking to raise.

“Every upcoming charity or non-profit fundraiser in the city of Victoria has been cancelled, postponed, or is trying to go virtual. Unfortunately, this has created big holes in 2020 budgets,” says Aidan Henry, Founder and Creative Director of Brink Events.

“We recognized a need to fill these holes, so we created GalaBoard. The idea is very simple and it’s not heavy on technology. GalaBoard is essentially a Victoria-based hub where potential donors or supporters can visit to quickly and easily see which fundraising events have been cancelled, how much they were looking to raise, and donate to that cause.”

Now’s your chance to make a difference in your community; the hardest part is choosing which charity to support!

.. don’t worry, you can choose more than one!


To see the board of charities you can support, click here.

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