Laura Ramsden smiles for a winner photo using BCLC’s temporary alternate prize-claim process after scoring $100,000 on a Set for Life Scratch & Win ticket.

Victoria resident Laura Ramsden said she “had a feeling” when she made an impulse purchase of a  ‘Scratch & Win’ lottery ticket while at a gas station.

Ramsden was recently visiting her boyfriend in Pemberton when she made the life-changing purchase.

The Victoria resident was at the Pemberton Junction Petro Canada picking up some club soda when she decided to grab a Set for Life Scratch & Win ticket as well—which ended up winning her $100,000.

“The first thing I thought of was, ‘Huh, I think I won $100,000.’ My reaction was pretty subdued, and I didn’t think that I was looking at it right,” Ramsden said.

When she finally realized she wasn’t dreaming and had actually won $100K, she told her boyfriend first, and then her family.

“They were pretty excited and started to go into planning mode and provided me with some practical advice. When I told my sisters, they had to call me back a few times since they couldn’t believe I had won.”

Ramsden told the BC Lottery Corporation that she plans to pay off her student line of credit and enjoy a nice bottle of Champagne.