Mt Douglas
Image: Google Map

A large group of Canada Day revellers were spotted at Mount Douglas Park in Saanich last night.

In a statement, Saanich Police say they received multiple reports of the large gathering taking place at around 9 p.m. on July 1.

When they arrived, they saw around 200 people wearing red and white, partying in the parking lot and down at the beach.

Officers stated that there was also a “steady stream of vehicles” dropping people off at the gathering.

Attendees of the party were displaying public intoxication, open alcohol consumption, underage drinking, and were also not practicing physical distancing.

However when officers showed up to break up the party, they were met with almost full cooperation from the youth who they say were respectful and left the area.

“We certainly anticipated some gatherings last night of people wanting to celebrate Canada Day, however this is a reminder that physical distancing measures are still in place in the province,” said Cst. Markus Anastasiades in a statement.

It took about two hours for everyone to disperse as parents came to pick up their wards, and none of the intoxicated people required medical attention.

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