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Canadians’ opinions on the U.S. and China lower during COVID-19 pandemic (POLL)


A new poll shows that Canadians’ perceptions of the United States and China have become more negative during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Research Co. poll, conducted between July 6 and 8, found that nationwide only 32 per cent of Canadians have a positive opinion of the United States.

That number is down 15 points from an earlier poll by Research Co. that was conducted in December 2019.

“When we compare the results of this survey with what Research Co. found late last year, the most drastic fluctuation is seen with the United States,” says Mario Canseco, President of Research Co.

“At the end of 2019, almost half of Canadians held positive views about the neighbouring nation, but now the proportion has fallen to only one third—slightly higher than Russia and on par with Venezuela.”

Canadians also hold increasingly negative views of China, with only 21 per cent of respondents saying they held a positive view of the Asian superpower.

That figure is down six points from 27 per cent in December 2019.

The poll also measured our views towards several other countries, including Japan (70 per cent), France (69 per cent), and Germany (67 per cent).

The highest net favourable view was towards the United Kingdom at 73 per cent. That figure was down ten points from December, at 83 per cent.

The lowest ranked nations were Saudi Arabia (20 per cent), Iran (16 per cent) and North Korea (13 per cent).

Tim Ford
Tim Ford
Digital staff writer with Victoria Buzz

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