(Photo by Bruce Dean, Humans of Beacon Hill Park/Flickr)

The B.C. Supreme Court has officially approved an injunction order that requires homeless people camping at Beacon Hill Park to move to less ecologically vulnerable parts of the park.

This injunction order was applied for by the City of Victoria on July 10 when the municipality sought to ban campers from sheltering in sensitive areas designated under the City’s Parks Bylaw.

According to a statement from the city, bylaw officers and outreach workers have already met with around 100 people sheltering at the park and many have already moved their camps away from environmentally sensitive areas.

“This is a challenging time for everyone, especially for people in our city who don’t have a home,” said Mayor Lisa Helps.

“Nevertheless, we expect everyone to respect the court order and relocate now to areas within the park where sheltering is not prohibited. We recognize that this will make those camping more visible and we hope that as a community we can come together to get through this challenging time.”

The city anticipates that remaining campers will comply with the injunction order “quickly and in an orderly manner”.