Thursday, May 23, 2024

Here’s how to get a premium emergency kit for up to 50% off


Early Wednesday morning, two significant earthquakes occurred off the coast of Vancouver Island, with the largest being a magnitude 6.2 quake.

Nearby, south of Alaska, several larger earthquakes rumbled through Tuesday evening, topping the charts at a whopping 7.8 magnitude.

If any one of those had happened closer to home, would you have been prepared?

If it’s money that’s holding you back, now’s the perfect time to grab yourself an emergency kit. Our friends at GetMyKit are offering up to 50% off almost their entire store!

There’s free shipping for purchases over $149, so you might want to reach for the top shelf or fill an order with a friend.

It’s easy to put emergency preparations on the back-burner when things are calm and quiet – but that might not always be the case and, honestly, you’ll want to be prepared for when it does happen.

When an emergency strikes, the last thing you should be worrying about is what to bring with you during an evacuation.

That’s exactly why GetMyKit is here to save the day, with their variety of emergency kits that contain everything you’ll need to survive during a crisis.

GetMyKit emergency kit sale

To order: Head to their website and order online today!

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