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The majority of respondents in a Statistics Canada survey say they are very willing to take a vaccine for COVID-19 once it becomes available.

This information is based on data collected through a series of Statistics Canada surveys in which 36,000 people responded to between May 26 and June 9, 2020.

Around 68 per cent of respondents said they are “very likely” to get a COVID-19 vaccine when it comes available, while 15.2 per cent answered that they were “somewhat likely” to choose vaccination.

Meanwhile 12 per cent of Canadians are unwilling to vaccinate against the pandemic virus, and 4.6 per cent are unsure of what they would choose.

(COVID-19 vaccine/Statistics Canada)

One part of the survey series found a positive correlation between those who want a COVID-19 vaccine and those who say that most people are trustworthy.

More than three quarters of survey respondents who had a high level of trust in the federal government said they would be very likely to get vaccinated, compared to over half the participants who said they had a low level of trust in government who said the same thing.

In British Columbia, where provincial health authorities declared the start of Phase 3 of their reopening plan at the end of June, the final phase of reopening relies on the availability of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Most businesses in the province are now operating with strict physical distancing and other guidelines in place.

But gatherings above 50 people will remain prohibited in B.C. until a vaccine is available.

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