File Photo (Jay Wallace Images)

Victoria Police have arrested four young people after breaking up a large fight in the city’s downtown core.

In a statement issued by the department on Tuesday evening, police say they were called to the intersection of Douglas and View Streets at around 11 p.m. on Saturday July 25 for reports of a fight.

When they arrived, police say they found a “chaotic scene” in which multiple young people were involved in a brawl.

In total, officers arrested four youths involved in the fight including one person who tried to flee the scene on foot. Three of the perpetrators suffered non-life-threatening injuries during the brawl and weapons including knives were seized by police.

Over the course of the arrest, one of the suspects began fighting back and spitting and kicking the officers.

He was transported to cells where he continued the belligerent behaviour, after which he was taken to hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries sustained in the fight.

The officer who was assaulted also suffered non-life threatening injuries but was able to complete their shift, according to VicPD.

Police are now recommending several charges against the youths, including assault, assault with a weapon, obstruction and breaching of court-ordered conditions.