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Following an investigation into the cause of his death, coroners have found that a popular Canucks writer who passed away last April died due to an accidental overdose.

Jason Botchford was only 48 when he passed suddenly in April of 2019, leaving behind his wife Kathryn and three children; at the time, it was believed his death was due to apparent heart failure.

The news of Botchford’s death rocked the Canucks fan base and Twitter-verse alike as he remained one of the most well-known beat writers in Vancouver.

Botchford’s wife Kathryn announced in a statement on Friday that the late sportswriter’s death was an “accidental overdose of cocaine and fentanyl.”

Jason’s was just one of 984 lives lost to an illicit drug overdose in British Columbia last year.

“We were completely shocked and in disbelief to discover the cause of Jason’s sudden death,” Kathryn Botchford added in the statement that was tweeted by Jason’s father.

“This cause does not change who Jason was to all of us but just makes his death that much harder to comprehend. We are still grieving.”

Kathryn then went on to say how grateful she was for the outpouring of support that followed Jason’s death.

The Ontario native was a highly respected hockey-journalist and reporter, and very prominent in the Vancouver sports scene.

Botchford began his career in Vancouver with The Province as a news reporter, but quickly moved on to cover the National Hockey League, more specifically the Vancouver Canucks – he most recently began work for popular sports outlet The Athletic, and also worked in radio for TSN 1040 and made regular appearances on TSN’s That’s Hockey.

Since his death, the Canucks have paid homage to the beat writer by introducing a new mentorship program in Botchford’s name for aspiring sportswriters.

Another tribute sits in a park across the street from Rogers Arena, aptly named “Botchford’s Bench”.

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