(Ball python located/VicPD)

A ball python that went missing over a month ago on July 2 has safely located by police.

According to VicPD, the 4’5″ long python was not reported missing until August 4 and had therefore been on the loose for a month before authorities were notified.

Fortunately, the snake was spotted in the 1900 block of Richardson Street just before 6 p.m. Wednesday evening, and police were called.

When patrol officers arrived, they found the snake hiding under a vehicle.

(Ball python located/VicPD)

“As our crisis negotiators don’t speak parseltongue, Patrol officers attended [and] one who was (thankfully) familiar with snakes approached the vehicle,” said VicPD in a tweet this evening.

Police say the animal appears to be in good health, but was transported to a veterinary hospital for assessment.

After the assessment, police say they will contact the owner of the python and follow up to make sure they are capable of taking care of it.