(Frederick Green/BCLC)

A group of Victoria residents, most of whom are bus drivers, have just cruised their way into a cool $1 million prize.

The group consists of 10 people, nine of them bus drivers, and form a team whose “captain”, Frederick “Nate” Green, has been purchasing Lotto Max and BC/49 tickets twice a month for the group.

This time, Green bought his ticket from a lottery kiosk at University Heights Mall on Shelbourne Street.

After hearing that a ticket purchased in Victoria had won, Green checked the group’s ticket from his couch at home using the BCLC Lotto! App, and was ecstatic at being able to tell his friends that they were the prize winners.

He says one of them reacted in a way he’d never seen before.

“He was in shock, he just kept walking around in circles,” Green said, laughing. “I think he forgot where he was.”

“We got our spark back now that we won.”

The group now plans to host a physically distanced celebration in the near future.

Green says the group plans to keep playing, and he plans to keep buying the tickets for them.

Lottery players who are part of a group should always appoint someone to coordinate collecting participant’s money, buying the group’s tickets, tracking group winnings and posting results.

When purchasing as a group, the BCLC says it is a good idea to have a record of which group members have contributed to the ticket purchases.

BCLC has a Group Play Agreement Form on bclc.com to make it easier to manage group play.

*Note: Victoria Buzz is not affiliated with BC Lottery Corporation and does not advocate gambling or taking part in lotteries. If you choose to participate, remember to play responsibly.

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